Metaphorical Photography


Eventually the photos had to be less about what goes on in life that’s clear, and what has more meaning than what it currently shows. Despite being somewhat easy, it was also a bit hard trying to come up with photos to take. In my viewpoint, although some of the photos could be metaphorical, some people could also consider these photos as “cursed” too… What I do know is that more metaphorical images require you to take a shot into the dark, and come up with something that most people have never heard of, or they consider as “absurd, bizarre, strange, etc.”

Resume self re-design + another’s re-design


1.Based off typography, the style of text can change how a person would interpret an emotion and their skills. For example, you could interpret mine as somebody with some professionalism and graphic skills, and the other person’s resume as a friendly and heartwarming. Text can also change this as well. Something flat like Sans serif will give a more modern design, with serif being a more classic style.

2.An audience is important for what you are making. You want to try to almost always have your ideas be oriented to an audience, with a fitting style and design to go with it as well. A more childish audience might like designs that have eye candy, where as a professional business or company would prefer something with a simple, cohesive design.