Ramen – Best Places to eat @ Reno

There are some great places to eat ramen at. Some of the places are more modern style, where some places are more traditional. Here are the places I know of in Reno that are great.

This place is pretty decent. Their noodles are very traditional, and their octopus ball appetizers are great, and their ramen is simple, but delicious. The only problem with the ramen are the people making it. There are two people making the ramen; The ramen master, and somebody else. Depending on who is making it, the food can taste great or mediocre.
This place is great in terms of variety and authenticity. Their noodles are delicious, and the other food they serve is great as well. They even serve nice sushi here too. However, they only open 5-9 PM, and right now, construction has caused some issues with the time.
The place is small, but really great for getting bang for your buck. They serve plenty of ramen and appetizers for cheap, and the food tastes great. Their ramen also is available in spicy versions, but the noodles are more cheaply made in comparison to the other two. Also, the place is pretty far away.
Despite the name, they serve other food here, with ramen being one of them. Their ramen is great and has a strong flavor. Besides that, they also serve udon (big rice noodles) here too, as well as good all you can eat sushi.
The ramen they serve here is large, and they serve multiple varieties. Besides that, the manager here is nice and tends to greet customers, as well as discounts if you live in Reno, or have a FiveStar